Who We Are

Our team, our experience, our aspirations

Our Experience

Access Fashion Media was founded January 2014, and is the culmination of over 14 years of being a top fashion content creator in an elaborate and hard to access contact network worldwide.

As creators of top tier fashion content we have our finger on the pulse of industry trends and have been positioning ourselves to become dominant fashion lifestyle publishers across all digital platforms.

Our depth of fashion show content makes us one of the deepest sources of runway photographs in the world. We even have more fashion shows than today's industry leaders. Our current connection in luxury content creation will make us relevant in tomorrow's trends for a long time.

Our Team

Discover the people behind the scenes.

Edward James - Creative Director
Working in publishing for over 20 years, Edward has experienced the height of print, the rise of digital and now specializes in fashion publishing. In 2000, Edward established himself as a leading international runway photographer working with many top tier agencies, print publications and digital properties worldwide. He attends some of the most exclusive fashion events worldwide and interacts with today's fashion icons on a regular basis.

Tracey Pell - Managing Editor
Managing content and indentifying the latest trends is a focus for Tracey each day. She is responsible for both Content Distribution & Content Publishing for all Access Fashion Media digital properties.

Kasha McKee - Business Development
Kasha can speak about the investment opportunities within Access Fashion Media and any special partnership proposals.

Our Aspirations

Our goal is to provide an immersive fashion runway trend experience combined with a curated retail shopping experience that our users can personalize and share.

There is a tremendous amount of interest in fashion shows and there is still enormous room for new opportunities. The demand is inexhaustible. The desire for people to enjoy and participate in fashion and style is virtually endless.

Every day a new crop of fashion savvy teens with a disposable income are born. The full potential of fashion in the digital universe is waiting to be discovered.